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Iconic Art

    Buy Or Commission Original Paintings of the Famous By Cliff Matthews


Based on the now defunct NATO target depicting the stereotypical soviet soldier,

And daubed with the CND badge “Decommissioned” asks the question, is there a need for either now?

At 50x100cm, this is a real impact piece to any room.



The Thug

The police forms call him Advanced Silhouette SP-83A; in some gun shops, he is B-60. He is widely known in police and gun-club circles as the Thug, a life-size, two-dimensional paper target that every New York City police officer has shot at since the early 1960's.

And for 50 years, the Thug has been the target of choice at the police firing range at Rodmans Neck in the Bronx.

 Here "The Thug" has been separated from his target And been hand painted onto a 85x60cm deep edged canvas.

A real talking point, this truly iconic image is available for:



First Impressions.

This artwork comes as a pair.

Each canvas is 26cmx36cm


Embassy No1

70x50cm Acrylics on deep edged canvas

Follow Me


In plain slim black frame


Small World:

In slim black frame



Mind that child 30x40 approx  Original artwork. Acrylics on deep canvas

First Impressions: Version 1

In slim black frame 36x45cm £105

Health & Safety 

60x90cm Acrylics on deep edged canvas


Tangled Webb

Original artwork 35cm x 45cm  £75


Original artwork 35cm x 45cm  £75

Brooklyn Kid

Original artwork 35cm x 45cm £75